Karaoke Software

The start of Karaoke was in Asia during the early 1970’s; however there is some debate on whether it was invented in Japan or the Philippines. However, the purpose was the same and that was to provide some fun entertainment at home or at parties where participants could sing songs with a microphone and background music. The words to the songs were shown on a screen while recorded music was played in the background.

Karaoke Software
Today there is Karaoke software available to the consumer which allows for the burning, playing and even the creation of songs on the computer for Karaoke. Finding software that is compatible with a particular computer’s operating system is fairly easy since there are multiple manufacturers.

There is even software called Power Karaoke that can be used to create Karaoke songs. It allows you to use the MP3 format when creating songs and the soundtrack. Songs that are already on your computer can be used by putting them on a disc with the words you will hear and sing. The software can adapt the words so they are printed across the bottom of the screen.

After you have purchased the software, oftentimes, there will be continuous downloads and updates via the Internet. This capability allows you to have the most up-to-date versions available.

Karaoke software is available for hosts. The compuhost will enable you to have huge lists of music for all kinds of party formats.

Software Features
A major benefit of the software is that you can search for songs you love and remove the vocals with the software. The background music will be in place and the words will scroll across the bottom of the screen to help the Karaoke singer perform. If you prefer not to have the words showing, then they can easily be removed from the screen.

When using the Karaoke software on your computer, space should be available for the software download. A minimum for the software is 500 MB of Ram and at least 1GB of hard disk space for the operation of the program.

Software Costs
The cost of Karaoke software generally runs from $50 to $100, but you can spend much more if you want additional software options.

Fun For All Ages
Karaoke software provides fun entertainment for everyone. It can be used for family nights by providing some hilarious entertainment for all ages. When home parties are held, there is usually a large participation by the guests and a great time had by all.

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