Maximum Results By Pushing Yourself 

Going to gym and getting fit is a good goal to have. But sometimes, the activities done can almost feel routine and one doesn’t feel the same level of achieved results as one may have felt in the beginning. This could be due to doing the same workouts and exercise all the time. Things need to be changed up if the body is to be truly changed and to keep changing with every passing week at the gym. 

Do More of What Hasn’t Been Done

squat exercise

Often, many first timers begin by dedicating a lot of time on the treadmill or on the elliptical or cycling machines. These are good exercises for cardio purposes and for a healthy heart. But they do not stimulate muscle growth or increase caloric burn. Therefore, avoid too much time on these machines since they can weaken your muscles for when weight lifting is about to be done after.

Work the Muscle Groups

Many pay too much attention to working out specific muscles and therefore do exercises for just those muscles alone. This is common with those who want bigger biceps. For this, many simply do bar curls and hammer curls of varying kinds, all for getting bigger biceps. However, a lot of the arm’s strength is in the muscle group that includes the triceps. These need to be worked on as well. In addition, the core must also be engaged for maximum strength building.

Working the Core

Among the best workouts for abs are dead lifts and planks. Another is the squat exercise. With this workout, one can ascend and descend, using the full weight of their body or while adding on additional weight with a bar bell. This workout also engages the glutes and thigh muscles, resulting in leaner legs and a defined backside.