If you have an average head of hair, then expect to have at least one hundred and fifty thousand such hairs on your scalp. As you look at yourself in the mirror while you comb your hair, it would be as clear as daylight that there is not a shred of hair loss in sight. Extreme cases of hair loss, and this can happen to anyone, is known by its clinical term as alopecia totalis. Now, should you notice a few loose clumps of hair in your comb or hairbrush, this does not at all suggest that you have this condition. What is likely happening is a natural process of hair loss. It is quite natural for at least ten percent of your hair to go through its telogen or resting phase.

alopecia totalis

The rest of the hair on your scalp continues to grow. Hair must be lost in order to make way for a new cycle of hair growth. So, when you look at that comb of yours in the morning and you notice a clump of hair in it, do not be alarmed. It is quite natural to lose up to one hundred hairs a day. But should there be sudden bald patches on your scalp or an extreme case of thinning hair, you could well be experiencing alopecia totalis. There is still no need to panic because the condition can be treated. First and foremost, however, a complete diagnosis would need to determine what the root cause of the extreme hair loss could be.

And after that, a course of treatment that is non-surgical, safe and natural can be prepared. By the time the treatment process is completed it would be as though you never lost a shred of hair.